Minutes of meeting & presentations

Below you will find an overview of all public presentations and meeting minutes:

16 November 2022 – Poster presentation TRA 2022 VIRTUAL cost-benefit analysis tool | Socio-economic costs and benefits of vehicle safety systems 16-17 November 2022 – 9th International Symposium: Human Modeling and Simulation in Automotive Engineering, ed. CARHS The VIRTUAL Holistic Vulnerable Road User Safety Assessment Robustness Evaluation and ​Application Examples of the ​VIVA+ Models​ 13 September 2022 – HBM4VT meeting | Virtual Testing with Human Body Models – global initiatives Visual notes | Minutes of Meeting C-NCAP | Research and plan of C-NCAP VT Euro NCAP | For safer cars VT HBM4VT | Motivation Status Outlook IIHS | Virtual Testing research review JARI | Current status regarding Virtual Testing OVTO | Open source projects related to VT VIRTUAL | Open Access VT Protocols for Enhanced Road User Safety 20-21 September 2022 – SafetyUpDate Graz, ed. CARHS Open Access Virtual Testing with Human Body Models 19 November 2021 – Presentation IROCBI workshop Post-conference workshop: Human Body Modeling Applications in Biomechanics 27 May 2021 – Presentation webinar CBA-tool Cost-benefit analysis tool for innovative automotive safety systems 18 May 2021 – 1st Virtual Testing: Human Modeling in Pedestrian Protection, ed. CARHS VIRTUAL Integrated Assessment of VRU safety 18 March 2021 – Annual conference of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Economic valuation of preventing non-fatal road injuries: a literature review 20 November 2020 – Presentation from the Human Modeling Symposium VIVA+ Open Human Body Models for Virtual Testing 8 September 2020 – Presentations from the VIRTUAL-OSCCAR workshop 01 – VIRTUAL, Astrid Linder 02 – VIRTUAL, Arne Keller 03 – VIRTUAL, Johan Iraeus 04 – VIRTUAL, Corina Klug 05 – OSCCAR, Werner Leitgeb et al 06 – Euro NCAP, Michiel van Ratingen 07 – IIHS, Marcy Edwards 08 – Toyota THUMS, Tjark Kreuzinger 17-18 September 2019 – Presentation from SafetyUpDate Graz, ed. CARHS Assessment of Vulnerable Road User Protection with Human Body Models 17 October 2018 – Minutes of Meeting Workshop on Open Source Human Body Model Development