Work Packages

The VIRTUAL project will be carried out in eight work packages:

WP1: OpenVT platform and test protocols WP1 provides all tools necessary for technical users to perform VT. The OpenVT platform will be established as the interface to the technical user community. It will host all models, along with the necessary documentation, as well as tools and protocols for VT. This platform will be sustainable, as the foundation of this European OS-HBM initiative. WP2: Human Body Model development for virtual test cases WP2 will provide a set of Human Body Models ready for implementation in specified demonstration cases for seated occupants, Vulnerable Road Users  and erect passengers on public transport. WP2 will exploit existing HBMs and supporting software previously developed in national and EU funded projects (VIVA, PIPER).
Diversity of road users considered in VIRTUAL
WP3: Occupant protection in future vehicles WP3 demonstrates a virtual test protocol for seated occupants inside the vehicle, subjected to potential future integrated impact scenarios and seated postures. The virtual test protocol will demonstrate effectiveness of safety systems and allow optimisation of restraint systems based on pre-crash and crash information. WP4: Vulnerable road user protection WP4 demonstrates the integrated virtual chain of VRUs outside the vehicle, subjected to potential future impact scenarios. Three kinds of VRU accident scenarios in urban traffic will be demonstrated in the virtual test procedure:
  • passenger car – pedestrian
  • tram – pedestrian
  • passenger car – bicyclist

WP5: Safety of public transport users WP5 investigates a safe operation envelope for erect passengers on public transport. The characteristics of braking and acceleration in public transport which results in injury due to falls of erect passengers will be specified. The Human Body Model simulating erect persons will be made publicly available and demonstrated.

WP6: Cost-Benefit analysis WP6 has two objectives: 1: to develop and describe a general tool for performing cost-benefit analysis of safety systems. 2: to apply the tool for performing CBA of safety systems described and tested in WP3, WP4 and WP5. WP7: Dissemination and exploitation WP7 facilitates communication, dissemination and exploitation. WP8: Management WP8 deals with management of the project.
Components of VIRTUAL showing how they interrelate