Our mission

It is our mission to contribute to the 17 sustainable development goals pledged by the UN. The partners of VIRTUAL strive to make a positive impact in support of this UN effort by particularly emphasising the following topics which are related to this project:

  • health – reduce the injury risk, address new challenges for safer roads
  • gender equality – consider females and males in traffic safety assessment
  • innovation and economic growth – be the driving force in a competitive environment by offering open access to relevant tools that will stipulate innovation and more efficient development processes
  • sustainable cities – focus on urban mobility, considering different modes of transportation, particularly including vulnerable road users and public transport
  • quality education – enable technical end-users to use latest tools and models, and broaden their knowledge about Human Body Model and virtual testing through open access and educative events
  • responsible production – reducing physical testing and switching to virtual testing will reduce the need for physical prototyping for the benefit of the environment