Virtual Testing with Human Body Models – global initiatives

From 13 to 16 September 2022, the VIRTUAL project partners gathered in Porto for a cluster of meetings and the IRCOBI conference. On Tuesday VIRTUAL hosted the HBM4VT* meeting as part of its final event, bringing together an expert group from aroud the globe to discuss their vision on improving vehicle safety by using human body models in virtual testing protocols.
The mutual understanding was that colloboration is needed to get to the next level of traffic safety for the whole population, requiring a community approach.

Following people – from Japan, China, the US and Europe – attended the meeting:
In the room: Michiel van Ratingen, Rodney Rudd, Daniel Perez Rapela, Arne Keller, Mats Svensson, Jason Forman, Astrid Linder, André Eggers, Marcy Edwards, Sanne van Gils, Philipp Wernicke and Corina Klug. Online: Xiaobing Bu, Jing Fei, Steffen Peldschus, Fusako Sato, Yoichi ASANO, Laura Watkins.

The presentations have been shared as well as the visual notes from the meeting (credits: @by_ma_ura).

Watch the video, summarizing the outcome of this meeting:

*HBM4VT is a framework of international experts to develop a roadmap for Human Body Model usage in Virtual Testing.