Inclusive crash safety | TRA 2022

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) has come to an end. The 2022 edition was held in Lisbon and welcomed 2,200 attendees at the Lisbon Congress Centre. A week full of impressions, inspiration and pride.

A big thanks to the awesome VTI-team whose research and development make the transport sector safer, smarter and more sustainable going forward. The VTI stand showcased world’s first crash dummy, SET50F,  based on an average woman, developed within the VIRTUAL project. No, it didn’t exist before, and still doesn’t really exist now as it’s a prototype, but we are one step closer. Also a big Thanks to all the curious booth visitors, bringing up questions and helping us show the obvious: ‘If a woman is three times more likely to get whiplash injuries – how can it be that she’s not in the car when we do the crash tests?’ We are also grateful for the media attention. Seeing all the press clippings is the cherry on the cake of this succesfull introduction!

You can find the newly released vti-report about the Seat Evaluation Tools here:
It describes the development of the Seat Evaluation Tools (SETs) of an average female and male seated vehicle occupant: the #SET50F and SET50M. The SETs are models of the human and have a geometry based on data from, also used for the VIVA+ models. In the report, the reader is guided through the development process.

Obviously, it doesn’t end here. More than four years of hard work within the VIRTUAL project is now available open-source via the OpenVT platform for you to use, and for your contribution to inclusive crash testing.

Well done Magnus, Astrid, Tommy; teamwork makes the dream work!