Tora Schultz: Bitch on Wheels


From crash test dummies to pitchfork stilettos, Tora Schultz’s show ‘Bitch on Wheels’ is a surreal, witty take on a world designed for the male body.

One of the key works at O-Overgaden is the prototype of a female crash test dummy, designed by Swedish engineers (VTI). It’s shocking to hear that historically cars have been tested with the male body as the presumed norm in mind, rendering safety features like seatbelts less effective for women. Aptly called ‘Eva’ or ‘Eve’ in English after the first woman, ‘her destiny is pretty tragic,’ Schultz reflects. ‘Her job is to crash into a wall.’

Schultz has set her sights on Eva. She hopes to forge a new hip for the crash-test dummy that will allow her to stand and liberate Eva from the fate of sitting, only to hurtle into a wall.

Tora Schultz: ‘Bitch on Wheels’ until 28 Jan 2023, O—Overgaden, Copenhagen.

Tora Schultz: Bitch on Wheels, 2022. Installation view, O—Overgaden 

Tora Schultz: Eva, 2022. EvaRid 50th Percentile Female crash test dummy, purple and grey auto-paint, SLS, linoleum
(Image credit: Photography: Laura Stamer)