Equal and fair

On the 10th of September 2022 ZDF aired the program ‘plan b – Gleich und gerecht’. Even seemingly gender neutral areas of our society are designed by the male perspective, making life more difficult or even dangerous for #women. Can’t this be done better?

Astrid Linder developed the first female crash test dummy. Even if the use of female dummies is still not mandatory in the EU, the researcher is working with her colleague Lotta Jakobsson – head of the accident prevention department at Volvo – on crash tests that make cars safer for women’s bodies. To this day, women suffer more serious injuries to the cervical spine because the driver’s seat in the car is particularly suitable for men. The spectators are there when the Swedish engineers develop and test a new generation of dummies that also creates better safety for women.

Astrid Linder, VTI (from 6m52s to 10m32s) and also Lotta Jakobsson, Volvo Group (from 20.24s to 25m08s) explain about their achievements in the field of crashtest data collection and creating safer car seats, reducing the higher injury risk for women. They continue fighting for equality/inclusivity, by doing scientificresearch showing authorities the necessity and possibilities for also testing with female dummies and human body models.

Watch now (German spoken):