Mind the Gap diversity award by TU Graz

TU Graz promotes studies of topics related to human factors in technology and natural sciences and helps to raise their visibility. To do this and to mark International Women’s Day, five prizes (for teams) are awarded for relevant work every year. One of the award winners 2021 is this VIRTUAL-publication Are There Any Significant Differences in Terms of Age and Sex in Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents?, written by Christoph Leo, Corina Klug, Ernst Tomasch, Maria C. Rizzi, Niels Bos, Ragnhild Davidse and Astrid Linder.

Comparative analyzes of accidental injuries of cyclists and pedestrians in collisions with cars were made in three countries. For Austria, Christoph Leo, Corinna Klug and Ernst Tomasch made these analyses. Gender and age differences in injuries were identified, country-specific differences, and urban-rural differences were identified. The results are relevant for accident prevention and for the real and virtual creation of accident dummies.

The results of the analyzes were published in the Bioengineering and Biotechnology Journal on the Frontiers platform. For this publication the team received one of the five Mind the Gap_Diversity Awards 2021 from Graz University of Technology.
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