VIRTUAL VIVA+ online hackathon

Join VIRTUAL’s international Open Science community of Human Body Model users and developers from academia and industry during this inspiring hackathon.

What’s a Hackathon?
A sprint-like event for creative problem-solving in a friendly community.
Exciting possibilities to showcase your work!

What will be happening?

  • Human Body Model users work together on problems using Open Source VIVA+ models and associated tools. You are welcome to bring your own team(s) and hackathon projects too!
  • Hands-on workshops on VIVA+ workflows during the Hackathon month (every Thursday, 1300 EST):
    -positioning using PIPER
    -postprocessing using Dynasaur/ Jupyter/ Python
    -collaborative development of VIVA+
    -contribute to VIVA+ validation catalog and documentation

What can you expect?

  • Hands-on introduction to VIVA+ Open Models and workflows
  • Learn to become an Open-Source contributor for VIVA+ models
  • Support from VIVA+ developers on Hackathon projects
  • Weekly interactions with other teams and mentors

During the Hackathon, the participants will receive a hands-on introduction to VIVA+ models and Open Science tools we use in VIVA+ workflows.
These are some of the workshops planned during the hackathon:

  • Open-source collaborative VIVA+ development using Git
  • Postprocessing using Dynasaur open-source library
  • Jupyter for Reproducible and Open Science workflows
  • VIVA+ validation catalogue using Jupyter Books
  • HBM positioning using open-source PIPER tool
  • Resources on OpenVT platform

When will it take place?
This VIRTUAL hackathon will take place online from 23 September to 14 October, 2021 in conjunction with IRCOBI Europe.

Registration for this online event has closed.