Introduction to the VIVA+ models and OpenVT Platform

Around 30 participants from around the world have participated in the hands-on workshop which took place online on 10 September, 2020.

After an introduction of VIRTUAL (Astrid Linder), the OpenVT platform (Arne Keller) and the current status of the VIVA+ models (Johan Iraeus), a beta-version of the current VIVA+ models has been handed out to the participants.

Jobin John had set up an interactive session, where everyone was able to get started with Git and learned what stage, commit, push and pull means. The final result showed that the majority of the participants was able to complete the task, so that we ended with a merged participant list on our exercise repo.

Finally, Martin Schachner and Corina Klug tried to clarify – while the participants were installing a zoo of strange animals on their computers (from Anaconda to Dynasaur) – what this all has to do with Jupyter. Our idea of postprocessing validation loadcases in a harmonized way was presented.

The takeaway message of the workshop was clear: everyone is welcome to contribute! Contribution can be done on different levels: ask for help in our communication channels (Zulip), correct a typo in the documentation, create an issue, enhance the model or provide additional validation loadcases.

This hands-on workshop was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube:

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