Analysis of Swedish and Dutch accident data on cyclist injuries in cyclist-car collisions

Data from the Swedish national accident database STRADA (Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition) and from the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV) were analyzed to identify injuries in cyclist-to-passenger-car collisions.

Results & conclusion
Cyclists most frequently injured their heads, upper and lower extremities, and bone fractures as well as brain injuries were identified as one of the most important injuries. For the virtual assessment of cyclist protection, injury predictors for long bone, skull collisand pelvic fractures as well as brain injuries are required in Human Body Models.

The short communication from the AAAM 63rd annual scientific conference, is available now on Traffic Injury Prevention. Written by: Christoph Leo, Corina Klug, Maria Ohlin, Niels M. Bos, Ragnhild J. Davidse and Astrid Linder.