First Human Body Model available on OpenVT platform

As of now,  a new version of the VIVA Human Body Model is available on the VIRTUAL OpenVT platform.

This finite element model has been developed by Östh et al. (2016) and was the prototype of an open source Human Body Model. For VIRTUAL,  VIVA might well be the basis for the development of improved HBMs for various purposes. While earlier versions of VIVA were licensed GPL,  this one is available under the terms of the more permissive L-GPL licence, which facilitates the application of the model in the automotive industry.

The model comes with a simple example scenario tested on different versions of the LS-DYNA solver, which should run out of the box, provided that a suitable solver is available.  Users can apply this example  to test whether the model runs correctly and use it as starting point to create their own test scenarios.