VIRTUAL Workshop: Open Source Human Body Model Development

Date: 17 October, 2018 Location: Berlin, Germany

VIRTUAL kindly invites experts interested in Human Body Modeling to join this workshop. The event is free of charge. The workshop is held in conjunction with the Human Modeling and Simulation conference, October 18-19 in Berlin.

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This workshop will give an overview of the VIRTUAL project and present the challenges we face today. We aim to create a versatile basic model that allows for future refinements in an open source environment – which stakeholders from all over the world are welcome to use – to further develop the HBM. In parallel we will create a sustainable web-based where the HBMs can be freely downloaded. We will also initiate a community and encourage users to share their experience, model refinements and advice with the community. Our long term goal is that we, together with the stakeholders, will jointly provide a HBM that can be morphed/scaled and is therefore suitable to represent any human length, gender, age, BMI, posture etc. The HBM will be divided into sections which allows users to refine one body section and then attach it to the full HBM. For more information, please email to: